Round Earth Entertainment

Round Earth Entertainment is the combined COMEDIC talents of Charles Pelletier and Stephen Foster.

Chuck Pelletier and Stephen Foster are two of our Favorite AOFers. AOF Members, filmmakers, supporters and bad asses. We love them and you will too! You Go Boiiiiiissssss!!!!! D.

Posted by Del Aof Weston on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Screenplays, songs, plays, and videos.

We are the award-winning team of the comedic short “That’s Opportunity Knocking,” the award-winning, Off-Broadway 4 character musical “The Green Room,” and the comedy “Legends and Bridge.”
Stephen Foster wrote the self-help acting book “Awakening the Actor Within”

Charles Pelletier created the songs on “Flight Times”
“Dream Vacation” music video directed by Stephen Foster



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