“Awakening the Actor Within” Workbook

Awakening the Actor Within

In 1994, I read a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, and within a year, I was an unblocked actor! How exciting, how rewarding, BUT also how frustrating. As I trudged my way through my acting career, I discovered tools and strategies to overcome “acting” block. Since acting can be a daunting and frustrating craft/business, I decided to publish my notes and tools that had best served me and my fellow actors.  The result was the workbook and workshop “Awakening the Actor Within.”  It was my goal to keep myself functioning and to help other actors achieve their dreams without having to pay outrageous prices to do so.


12 weeks to recover and discover your acting talents

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“Stephen Foster’s book helps you excavate your true authentically creative self.”

“When I am at an audition and am feeling a bit unsure of myself, I have this book and it’s author there with me.” 
See my “workshops” page for info about courses. I’m also available to teach groups.

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