Awakening Skype Course

(the Artist’s Way for Actors)
12 weeks to recover and discover your acting talents

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12 weeks to recover and discover your acting talents!

I teach actors how to “unblock” their acting dreams and how to put those dreams into an achievable week by week plan.

If you’ve been feeling stale or stagnant in your career, nothing is better than a jump-start session with me. We focus the entire SKYPE hour to YOU and ONLY you!  I prefer to work one-on-one with actors. You get a coach, a therapist, a shoulder to cry on, a kick in the rear or a good laugh, but MOSTLY you get motivated when you work with me and my tools.

Sign up for one of my fun-filled private SKYPE sessions, and we can make your acting dreams come true.

I teach an easy to follow course that is laid out in a 3-act format (like a screenplay):

Act One (Weeks 1-4): works on dismantling old acting blocks and rebuilding confidence
Act Two (Weeks 5-8): handles scripts, auditions and remaining unblocked while working
Act Three (weeks 9-12): works on the “marketing” aspects of an acting career

I teach my workshop at the LOW COST of $25.00 per session (one hour, per week) This includes a FREE PDF copy of workbook.

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