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“Stephen Foster’s book “Awakening the Actor Within” is so valuable. I love the mind set work that is underneath. Acting is spiritual and physical and Stephen encourages actors to go for their dreams. His twelve week program will get you started or encourage you to pick up your dreams and go for them again until they come true. Love this quote: “Actors should write; writers should act. The more you do both, the better you get at both.” His instructions of how and what to write makes it easy to start. I agree writing enhances the characters you build.” JUDY KERRbest-selling author of Acting is Everything

“Stephen Foster will give you clarity and dexterity to master the external factors and the internal feelings. When you step on the stage (or in front of the camera) you´ll bring your whole self with you.” Viki King – best-selling author of How To Write a Movie in 21 Days – The Inner Movie Method

Stephen’s ONE on ONE

SKYPE workshop


12 weeks to recover and discover your acting talents

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If you’ve been feeling stale or stagnant in your acting career, nothing is better than a jump-start session with me. We devote the entire SKYPE hour on YOU and your acting career! Together, we will find out WHAT YOU WANT, and help you ACHIEVE IT.

I enjoy helping actors achieve their BIG dreams. You get a coach, a therapist, a shoulder to cry on, a kick in the rear end or a good laugh, but MOSTLY you get self-confidence & motivation when you work with me and my tools.

So, WHAT do we DO?

  • In our sessions, we dig into what YOU truly desire as an actor. (WHAT DO YOU WANT?!)
  • We will discover YOUR “true identity” and explore how to use your life to create unique, inspired auditions and performances. AND CAREER!
  • We build your support team (what I call a “Master Mind”) into a powerful, audacious & focused acting machine.

Sign up for one of my fun-filled private SKYPE sessions, and we can make your acting dreams come true.

I teach my workshop at the LOW COST of $25.00 per session (one hour, per week) This includes a FREE PDF copy of workbook.

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